General business terms and conditions

1. Scope

(1) These terms and conditions apply to contracts between Zervos translations and their customers, in so far as nothing has been expressly agreed otherwise or legally and indispensably stipulated.
(2) General customer business conditions are only compulsory for Zervos translations if expressly acknowledged.

2. Translation size

The translation is carefully carried out in accordance with the best practices of the profession. The customer receives the copy of the translation as set out in the contract.

3. Customer commitment to collaboration and provision of clarification

(1) The customer should instruct Zervos translations in a timely manner of particular approaches to carrying out the translation (translation on data carriers, number of copies, publications, other forms of the translation etc.). Should the translation be intended for print, the customer should provide a proof.
(2) reference material necessary for the translation should be forthcoming from the customer (customer glossary, diagrams, illustrations, tables, abbreviations etc.).
(3) Zervos translations assume no responsibility for mistakes arising from failure to follow these guidelines.

4. Right to subsequent corrections

(1) Zervos translations reserve the right to subsequent correction of possible mistakes. The customer is entitled to have any mistakes which occur in the translation corrected. The need for a subsequent correction must be raised by the customer, giving genuine reasons why he or she believes there to be a mistake. Should revision or replacement fail to meet expectations, the guarantee remains in force until the issue is settled unless otherwise agreed.

5. Liability

Zervos translations can be held liable in cases of gross negligence and wilful negligence. In cases of lesser negligence they are only held liable where there has been a dereliction of fundamental duties as stipulated in the contract. Zervos translations assume no responsibility for indirect or third-party damages.

6. Confidentiality

Zervos translations undertake not to disclose any facts of which they are aware in relation to their activity on behalf of the customer.

7. Payment

(1) Payment is due upon completion of the translation. The delivery terms must be within reason.
(2) Zervos translations are entitled to reimbursement of actual costs and use of resources agreed with the customer, in addition to their agreed fees. In the case of extensive translations, Zervos translations can demand an advance payment as necessary for carrying out the translation. In justified cases Zervos translations can delay delivery until payment of their full fee is received.
(3) If the total fee is not agreed beforehand, it will be calculated as appropriate based on the type of translation and level of difficulty. The normal national minumum rates apply.
(4) Translation services carried out abroad are exempt of VAT.

8. Ownership and intellectual property

(1) The translation remains the property of Zervos translations until such time as full payment is received. Until such time the customer has limited rights to use it.
(2) Zervos translations reserves its ownership rights.

9. Applicable laws

(1) German law applies to all services and resulting claims.
(2) The place of jurisdiction is Lübeck.
(3) The effectiveness of these terms and conditions is unaffected by the lesser effectiveness of individual regulations.